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Flow Aggregation and Scalability with ROBIN: End-to-End Regulation of Bandwidth in Intra-Networks

Simon Baatz, Matthias Frank, Peter Martini, Andre Wenzel

Prior presentations at the LCN conference on the concept of ROBIN (Regulation Of Bandwidth in Intra-Networks) gave a motivation for and presented first results of our approach to regulate the sending bandwidth of data flows in heterogeneous campus networks by determining bottlenecks and possible rate limitations with a global knowledge of the network state based on the end-to-end operation of the mechanism. This paper presents latest results of our performance study of the ROBIN approach with a focus on the scalability and the concept of data flow aggregation within the bandwidth regulation. The QoS properties of ROBIN together with the flow aggregation for the local domain show a close relation to the ideas of the Differentiated Services activities for QoS support in the Internet, which is also discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Congestion control, end-to-end bandwidth regulation, Differentiated Services, QoS support, relative quality of service, rate-based flow control

Proc. of the 24th Annual Conference on Local Computer Networks, LCN'99, Boston, MA, October 1999

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