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A Practical View on Quality-of-Service Support in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Michael Gerharz, Christian de Waal, Matthias Frank and Paul James

Abstract: Whereas routing protocols for mobile wireless ad hoc networks are well advanced, the support of Quality-of-Service in such networks has only recently emerged as a major research topic. Several proposals combine routing concepts with mechanisms for QoS support, at the same time making assumptions as have been made for the QoS support in wired networks. This paper examines the practical applicability of approaches to QoS with respect to the differences between wired and wireless ad hoc networks. Furthermore, a novel approach for service differentiation in wireless networks is proposed and early simulation results on the performance are presented.

Proc. of the 3rd IEEE Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks (ASWN), pp. 185-196, Berne, Switzerland, July 2003

A more detailed version of this paper has previously been released as a technical report.

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