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Communication Systems, Operating Systems and Stochastic Modelling

Link Stability in Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Michael Gerharz, Christian de Waal, Matthias Frank, Peter Martini

Abstract: In this paper, we develop adaptive metrics to identify stable links in a mobile wireless networking environment based on the analysis of link durations in several different mobility scenarios. Our metrics only rely on online statistical evaluation of observed link durations. Neither do they require information on signal strength, radio conditions, or spacing of the mobile devices, nor do they depend on the availability of additional hardware such as GPS receivers or a synchronisation of the devices. We demonstrate the ability of the metrics to select stable links with a high probability in a wide range of scenarios.

Proc. of the 27th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) 2002, pp. 30-39, Tampa, Florida, November 2002

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