LCN 2007

Ireland and Dublin


Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is built on the River Liffey and situated beside the sea, yet close to the countryside and mountains. The rest of the country is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. Ireland, with its beautiful scenery, offers a range of attractions to the tourist, including ancient archaeological sites and monuments, a variety of sporting activities such as fishing, riding and golf, as well as traditional dancing and music.

A city of fine Georgian buildings, Dublin has been influenced by its Danish, Norman and English antecedents. It has excellent stores and shops, museums, antique shops and a range of pubs and restaurants. Among the goods for which Ireland is particularly well known are tweed, knitwear, linen, glass, lace and silverware. These can be purchased from most department stores or specialist handcraft shops. It has four major theatres, including the world famous Abbey theatre, concert facilities, art galleries and cinemas. There is a wide variety of sporting facilities including golf courses, sailing and racecourses.