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32nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks / 15-18 October 2007 /     
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I have created an online author kit that provides instructions regarding
   page limitations
   paper formatting---Please remove all page numbers.
   paper and copyright deadlines
   paper submission---You will see notification regarding your successful
   paper transmission in the pop-up window. No additional e-mail
   confirmation will be mailed.

IEEE PDF eXpress is not a submission site. After reviewing your paper and
checking for accuracy, authors must follow the submission instructions
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Use only the recommended fonts: Times, Times Roman, Times New Roman, and
Helvetica. Be sure to embed and subset all fonts.

Note the following:
1) For users of non-Windows-based systems: We have tested the online
submission process and we find that, in most instances,  authors who use a
Windows-based system do receive notification of successful paper
transmissions. Your mileage with other systems may vary but please feel
free to try.
2) Authors do not need to compose their documents using a Windows-based
3) We will check all papers and notify you if we find problems with your
documents or if we have not received your work.
4) Please understand that, due to our full workload, we cannot acknowledge
receipt of paper and copyright form. We will contact you only if problems
5) Getting pdflatex to generate embedded fonts for the 14 standard ones,
you may wish to access this Web site---

These instructions are for Linux-based systems, but the basic information
(the name of the file to edit, what changes to make to it, and what to do
to update the other associated configuration files) applies to a
Windows-based system.

You can access this author kit as follows:

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