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= Multi Endpoint Transport with Reliable Operation


    Distributed applications often require a reliable transmisson of data between a group of application processes. The METRO-protocol supports this reliable service for parallel programms in workstation clusters.


  • METRO-service:

    - reliable multicast transmission
    - decentralized multi-endpoint-connections
    - multicast between groups of processes
    - multicast to more than one process on the same workstation
    - special connection establishment for decentralized connections

  • METRO-protocol:

    - works with the CLNS (connectionless network service)
    - special solutions for connection establishment, connection numbers and inactivity control
    - simple flow control with multicast
    - two mechanisms for reducing the number of acknowledgements

  • Development at the University of Paderborn:

    - formal specification of service and protocol
    - implementation of two prototypes
    - test of prototypes in a FDDI workstation-cluster

Further information

    (in German)
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  • R. Wittenberg, "Ein Multicast-Transportprotokoll zur Unterstützung paralleler Programme in Workstation-Clustern",
    Dissertation, Universität-GH Paderborn 1995

Future work

We will use the METRO-protocol as communication platform for the distributed simulation of heterogenous networks.

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