1. Structure and Areas of Interest of our Group


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1. Structure and Areas of Interest of our Group

1.1. Structure of our Group

1.2. Scientific Personnel on January 1, 2001

1.3. Our Focus: „Internet ... and more“

Plenary der IETF im Dezember 2000

2. Cooperation in Teaching

2.1. The way to success: Learning, Thinking, Applying

2.2. Our Courses for Graduate Students

2.3. Diploma Thesis ...

2.4. Cooperation in Teaching

Example 1: GSM-Training in WS 99/00

Example 2: Seminars and Workshops for Further Education

3. Cooperation in Research

3.1. „Non-Disclosure Agreements“

Non-Disclosure (2)

3.2. Core Competences and current Hot Topics

3.3. Cooperation in Research

3.4. A current example: The EU-Project „DRIVE“

The Consortium

... Money

Multi-Radio Architecture

3.5. Another Example: „IP Services over Bluetooth“

Bluetooth in Public Environments

Usage Scenarios (1)

Usage Scenarios (2)

Usage Scenarios (3)

Bluetooth in Public Environments - BLUEPAC

Goals of the BLUEPAC Protocol Concepts

BLUEPAC Reference Network Architecture

BLUEPAC Local IP Address Assignment (1)

BLUEPAC Local IP Address Assignment (2)

Handoff Support with Cellular IP

BLUEPAC Mobile IP Support (optional)

Summary: BLUEPAC - IP over Bluetooth (1)

4. Interested in Cooperation? Here is how to contact us !

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