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Assignment Sheets

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Year 03 04

WS 2003/2004

Lecture "Data Communication and Internet Technology"

PDF-file Supplementary Slides Further Information
Assignment Sheet 1 Comments to Exercise 1 
MSCs to Exercise 1 
Automata to Exercise 1 
Information about exercises and requirements for receiving credits
Assignment Sheet 2 Hints/Solution Exercise 3   
Assignment Sheet 3 Solution Exercise 4
Solution Exercise 5c
Documentation for "Telelogic Tau 4.4"
Assignment Sheet 4 Solution Exercise 7a
Solution Exercise 7c
Solution Exercise 8
Assignment Sheet 5    
Assignment Sheet 6    
Assignment Sheet 7    
Assignment Sheet 8 Hints/Solution Exercises 20, 21  
Assignment Sheet 9 tcpdump  
Assignment Sheet 10 Solution Exercise 26b  
Assignment Sheet 11    
Assignment Sheet 12    
Assignment Sheet 13    

More assignment sheets will follow in the course of the semester.

To access the files, a password is needed, which will be published in the tutorials of the lecture. Access from the computer systems of the Institute is possible without password.

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